In harmony with nature

It is in our nature

Discover and Savour Nature

We want to make everyone fall in love with nature; because that which you love, you will take better care of.

Following our promise to 'savour and discover nature', we make conscious choices. We motivate guests to be active and unwind in nature. To enjoy the outdoors with its beautiful seasons, forest creatures and natural history. Guests who have a greater appreciation and understanding of nature, will feel more in tune with it. We also inform guests about respectful recreational behaviour.

  • We invest in sustainable energy and make efforts to reduce water and energy consumption as well as environmental impact
  • We encourage responsible eating and drinking
  • Our breakfast buffet is packaging-free
  • We filter and bottle the softest water 'Soft 1954 KRNWTR' for you to enjoy
  • We offer a wide range of fruit and vegetables and one in three dishes is vegetarian
  • We serve UTZ certified coffee in biodegradable cups
  • We cook with game from the Veluwe and Dutch beef, pork and chicken
  • We cook with sustainably sourced or sustainably farmed fish
  • We serve organic dairy from the Weerribben. Weerribben calves graze freely on the Tongeren Domain
  • We buy local, seasonal and organic, or fair trade whenever this provides added value
  • We avoid using refined products where possible and are mindful of using sugar, salt and fats
  • Our Ecolab cleaning products meet the highest environmental standards
  • We do everything we can to not waste anything

At the heart of society

We are pleased to offer young people the opportunity and the right guidance to learn our beautiful profession. We are a certified BOL and BBL training company.

Nature Hotel Witte Berken is Green Key Gold certified. Green Key is an international quality mark for sustainable hotels.

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